Saturday, August 4, 2012

The appeal in contributing to brain-washing media

It seems impossible to gain mainstream attention and respect without contributing to the brainwash campaign bombarding our eyes and ears. Why do we feel comfort when we step into monotonous moments? Why do we enjoy predictable phrases? Do we simply feel secure singing along with something we can remember or are we being ushered in a specific direction, as consumer lemmings, running helplessly to the edge of our better judgement? If you were able to capture the attention of today's youth, what would you expose them to? Love yourself, be kind, treat others with respect, share the wealth.. Will these ideas ever be popular? If your success has allowed you to help yourself tremendously, what contributions will you make to society? If you want to stand out, lead by example. If you aim to make a difference, do things differently. Where are we headed? If you decide to give it a shot, where will you take us?